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Domain Hosting & Backups

Domain Hosting & Backups

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Website Content

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Blog Content

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Graphic Design

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Search Engine Optimization

Where are we going


To be a one stop shop for your online business, by providing the best service and product that satisfy all the needs of our customer.


SEO Website’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs and businesses a one stop shop with expert advice and abilities to take their business to any level they need to go. We focus on providing a professional service with great communication to our client. Our aim will always be to provide our best work rather than focusing on a rush job. We strive to always improve and grow in order to provide the best opportunities and latest technology to our clients.

Core Values
  • Professional – always approach with a professional manner through quality work, communications and deadline driven projects.
  • Informed – keep growing and learning to improve and broaden our scope of services to provide the best solution to our customer.
  • Passionate – always providing our best work by integrating our ten years experience on several fields to provide the best version of the project.

Who we are and What we do

We are a small team of two people with vast experience in marketing, social media, SEO, graphic and website design and development. Together we strive to create beautiful search engine friendly websites with visual appeal and great content. With more than 10 years experience we confidently say there is not much we cannot do. When faced with technicalities we will go out of our way to resolve them and find better solution for our clients. As a designer and developer we communicate, ensuring that what is designed and presented to you can become a fully functional website.

IDESIGNCI is a fully-integrated design agency providing extensive services. We create websites from start to finish. We can provide annual domain purchase, hosting packages, copywriting, design and development to produce a fully functional user-friendly website from scratch.

Silmaré Bekker
Web Developer

Anschke de Beer
Graphic Designer / Marketing / SEO

Website Design Portfolio


I am a small business and don't have a big big budget, do you have smaller packages?

We have packages ranging from R2 999 to assist with smaller businesses and start-ups.

How does payment work?

We require a 50% deposit before work may commence. The other 50% is required once development is completed. We take the site live once full payment is received.

How long does it take to create a website?

The length it takes is based on several factors depending on client needs. Design phase can take up to around two weeks where we send a PDF for approval. Development phase can take up to three weeks depending on the technical scope of the site. There are general guidelines and we will do our best to meet required deadlines.

Can I see my website while it is in development phase?

Yes, we can send you a link where you can view our progress.

How many changes can I make to the website without costs?

We have a policy of unlimited revision in the design phase, however once design is approved we leave room for only three revisions (copy and image related) due to the design already being developed.

What if I have changes once project is completed?

We charge an hourly rate of R350 per hour for design and technical changes.

Can I login and update myself and post blogs / articles?

Yes you can if you decide to take the CMS (Content Management System) website. We create a user login for you with a small tutorial in PDF format to assist you.

Is back-ups important and should I have this?

The world today is full of hackers trying to attack any site. Here at SEO Website we try our utmost to develop secure sites, but with this said there are no guarantee. A monthly back-up is therefore a great way of insuring that you won’t lose your site to hackers. This also allows us to restore your site if for some reason you yourself created an error in the back-end whilst logged in. An update can cause unexpected problems resulting in loss of data, or a file accidentally gets deleted. Having a recent backup on hand minimises the amount of data lost and the time it takes you to get your website up and running again. We offer a monthly back-up plan at R250 per month.


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